Investor Relations Program

1) Discuss the company’s external and internal communications policies and how frequently they are reviewed. Disclose who reviews and approves major company announcements. Identify the committee with this responsibility, if it has been assigned to a committee.
Internal communications and external communications policies are reviewed annually. Major company announcements are reviewed and approved by a Committee composed of Finance, Corporate Management, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations.
2) Describe the company’s investor relations program including its communications strategy to promote effective communication with its stockholders, other stakeholders and the public in general. Disclose the contact details (e.g. telephone, fax and email) of the officer responsible for investor relations.
(1) Objectives To keep stockholders and investors informed of important developments in the Company
(2) Principles Transparency and accessibility to investors
(3) Modes of Communications Disclosure Statements; Press Releases; Company Website; Investor Presentations; Quarterly Teleconferences with Investors; Analyst Briefings
(4) Investor Relations Manager Telephone Number: (632) 8-894-6300
3) What are the company’s rules and procedures governing the acquisition of corporate control in the capital markets, and extraordinary transactions such as mergers, and sales of substantial portions of corporate assets?
The Company takes guidance from applicable law, the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Philippine Stock Exchange with respect to the approval, pricing and disclosure of acquisitions of corporate control in the capital markets and extraordinary transactions.
Analyst Coverage
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